Mario González

Gastronomic Director

Culinary Director of Iberostar America at the age of 32, Mario has simultaneously advised the kitchens of 22 hotels in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Brazil. He specialises in the management and systematisation of haute cuisine menus and processes.

Eloy Rodríguez

Director of Gastromarketing

With a Master in Gastronomic Marketing and Digital Marketing, Eloy is not only the creator of the most widely read gastromarketing blog in Spanish language – his work in the past 12 years has propelled dozens of restaurants to success.

Tere Rodríguez

Director of Communications

With a Master’s in Intercultural Communication and as a Copywriter and Chef, Tere helps global businesses achieve their goals with the power of her words.

Rafael Berral

R&D Workshop Manager

Rafael has worked with some of the best chefs in Spain like the Roca Brothers. At Iberostar he acted as executive chef and workshop manager for the Americas.

Marta Fernández

Project manager

Passionate about gastronomy, her experience in internationally renowned hotels brings agility and efficiency to our processes.

Emiliano Carbone

Graphic designer

Emiliano’s power is to build gastronomic identities that are perfectly balanced between impact and simplicity. Minimalism and synthesis are his main pillars.

Fran Pericas

Gastronomic Photographer

After studying art in Italy for three years and falling in love with photography, Fran now captures with great artistry and skill the magic created in kitchens around Spain.

Germán Oronoz

Web programmer

Master of all things “programming”, Germán is a consumate professional with extensive experience in web development for F&B businesses around the world.


We are a team of professionals united by an unshakable passion for gastronomy and the tireless people who dedicate their lives to these industries.

Our mission is to be recognised not only for developing creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions that make the gastronomy of our clients drastically more profitable but also for the human and professional quality of our team and our work.

These are some of the values that guide the work of the team Hospect:

  • We believe in the value of thinking tangentially and stepping outside of the comfort zone to find creative solutions for our clients that connect emotionally with their market and boost the profitability of their F&B.
  • We work together as a team to find new and inventive ways to boost profitability and automate and systematise our clients’ processes.
  • We are aware of the changing environment in which we operate, and we are always alert and ready to adapt our work and our clients’ to any type of change in the environment to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.
  • We firmly believe in inclusion, integrity, empathy, respect and human development.
  • We believe in the power of technology to transform and improve the processes of work, communication, and promotion in the food and beverage industry – but never as a substitute for human work.
  • We incorporate the principles of sustainability and social impact into all our processes and try to contribute to improving the living conditions of the hotel’s local employees.
  • We communicate in an open, transparent, and friendly but very respectful way.

We believe that the difference between something good and something extraordinary is found in the attention to detail. This conviction guides us in everything we do and communicate.

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